Hey, Hi

First, thanks for being here. My name is Dakota Stad and I’m a Human Performance and Quality Systems leader in the Boston Biopharma hub area and have been kickin’ it in the industry for over 10 years. Prior to my current position, I held various roles in manufacturing and quality, including Deviation Investigator and CAPA System Owner. I want to be clear, these are my independent thoughts and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by my employer.

I wanted to start writing publicly as a means for personal growth (I know, so selfish). I’m a firm believer that ideas grow stronger through challenge and application, as long as we’re open to listening and learning, so I hope you’ll engage me in good faith knowing we’ll both come out the better for it. Forgive me in advance, I think unfinished thoughts out loud.

I first became fascinated with human performance during my career as a deviation investigator — honestly, because of the complete lack of knowledge, training, and focus around how humans work and inevitably make mistakes. My company was no different from any in the Biopharma industry, I came to learn, as the entire industry lagged significantly compared to other regulated industries like Aviation or Nuclear in acknowledging and applying the proven sciences behind human performance.

Even still, the human performance philosophies and principles that currently prevail haven’t been updated for decades — so I thought, “now there’s a void I can fill.” With the backing of some pretty courageous leaders, I’ve been able to apply proven human performance measures with dramatic results at the site and within company sister-sites, while exploring and applying next-generation human performance models and methods to move the field (and my organization) forward. Thanks again for joining me, I’m so happy you’re here. Enjoy the show. 🙂


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