Human Error Is Predictable

It's easy to think of human error as random and unpredictable but the truth is that lots of study has gone into rates of human error and human reliability and it is far from random — it is intimately connected to the features of our tasks, tools, and environments. There are some stunning finds if … Continue reading Human Error Is Predictable


Human Performance Principles

Many are aware of the current thinking around "Safety Differently" and the five principles of human performance. Principles are intended to be innately true and are the fundamental framework in which newer views of human performance hang their philosophies and processes. The five principles are generally understood to be: Error is normal. Even the best … Continue reading Human Performance Principles

A Titanic Mix-Up at Emergent

We’ve all seen by now the latest NYT reporting about Emergent and the mix-up that cost between 13 and 15 million doses of the J&J Covid-19 vaccine. As a human performance practitioner, my hair lit on fire when reading this statement: “An investigation is now underway, but federal and former company officials suspect the lot … Continue reading A Titanic Mix-Up at Emergent